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4 THE JEWEL CEO/founder

Karen Denise Alston
Karen Denise Alston, CA | National Certified Domestic Violence Advocate
My Level of Commitment

Before embarking on this quest, I made a commitment to myself, my husband, family, and in memory of our friends (some with children) who lives were cut short due to this vicious cycle called domestic violence and sexual assault. I sought spiritual and professional counseling, running into roadblocks that did not meet my present need. It was essential to my survival to continue my education for a better understanding on how this abuse had affected me emotionally, economically, psychologically, physically and sexually. Working over 30 years in the criminal justice field as a Paralegal and Office Manager, receiving my bachelor’s degree from University of Phoenix in Criminal Justice, never prepared me for the inedible of being abused. As a Veteran of the United States Army, trained to defend my country on the hill in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, never prepared me to defend for myself against domestic violence & sexual assault.

My Healing Process

The first step in my healing process involved looking in the mirror. It was vital for my freedom to begin understanding my thought process, and how my past experiences were evolving into new relationships and decreasing not only my physical but mental health as well.

Becoming a member of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and obtaining my national certification as an advocate, was very instrumental in my quest to be educated and empowered concerning the intersecting issues of my health and the traumatic violence I had encountered. Accepting facts that some of my choices was the cause of me not being able to bear children, having lack of trust, lack of self-esteem and the lack of compassion, was all hidden behind the mask I wore so well.

I am committed to partner with other organizations to break the silence. Breaking the silence includes recognition of abuse which will help to increase prevention of abuse.

My Dreams to Reality

Hence, the development of 4 the Jewel N U Global, Inc., and the ‘I SHALL SPEAK 4 HER MOVEMENT” was created. It is vital, as a team, to build strong relationships and partner with other agencies and organizations which are designed to enhance and empower victims. Behind the closed doors, it is not always easy to just say “NO MORE” to domestic violence and sexual assault without professional assistance. As a team, we are committed to providing the necessary resources and education to help others choose to live a healthier lifestyle free from violence.

2019 – 2022 Board of Directors

Thea Zeppone, Chairperson
Thea Zeppone
Michael Sampson, Vice Chairman
Michael Sampson
Shondtel Walker, Treasurer
Shondtel Walker
Keynnard Campbell, Sr., MBA, MRE Chaplain, MA Pastoral Counselor – Financial Secretary
Keynnard Campbell
Karyta Roper Byers, Ed.S – Resource Educational Specialist
Karyta Roper Byers
Dr. Dana Taylor, Ed.D, LPC, NCC Mental Health Advisory Board
Dana Taylor
Deppresed Girl